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Abitareverde avant-garde buildings: the Biohome you were looking for


Energy-efficient solutions

Innovative structure

Energy efficiency

Thermal insulation

Surprise-free costs

Thermal break steel and mineral wool

The revolutionary structure of Exedra System panels

Why Abitareverde?
If you are looking for a prefabricated house with a new patented eco-sustainable technology, Abitareverde is for you.

We specialise in modular prefabricated green buildings, offering you homes with prices set from “gross” to “advanced gross” to “turnkey” and usable at the end of the installation phase.

What are the benefits?
Thanks to the special technology in steel with thermal breaks and the insertion of mineral wool, the insulation is better than that of wooden buildings. It also has a strong mechanical/anti-seismic resistance protected by several layers of environmentally friendly materials.

Exclusive materials

Investment quality

High speed of completion

Energy savings

Excellent housing quality

The right investment

Innovative and ecological constructions

Revolutionary panels

Made with a special thermal break coating in zinc and steel

Perfect assembly

Avoids the formation of thermal bridges

Wall element

Made of mineral wool, guarantees the best insulating properties

Turnkey project

Purchase of the house at a set price, complete and habitable

Super Bonus 110%

Tax deduction up to 110%

Superbonus 110 is the new measure envisaged by the Relaunch Decree, which allows for the 110% tax deduction for energy and seismic redevelopment interventions

Contact us for more information on the Superbonus 110

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