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About us

We specialise in the design and construction of cutting-edge buildings in modular prefabricated green building with low energy consumption and “turnkey” set prices.


Innovative technology experts

Our experience in the various markets has enabled us to be a leader in green building technology innovation.

We build houses with high energy efficiency structural panels under the registered trademark Exedra System (exclusive registered trademark AbitareVerde Srl).

The innovative structure of the Exedra System panels, in thermal break steel and mineral wool, allows for a light structure, which greatly improves the acoustic insulating properties and guarantees high mechanical/anti-seismic resistance.

All the materials are recyclable at the end of their life and therefore respect the environment.
Finally the best patented technology you were looking for.


Avant-garde Abitareverde buildings: the right investment

The innovative technology, the speed of completion, the surprise-free costs and the high energy savings allow us to be competitive on the property market.

We offer advantages to protect designers, builders, buyers and sellers even when the property is re-placed on the market.

All Inclusive

The quality of a certified eco-home

High added value services included in the price:

– Assistance in the design and supply of project layouts
– Executive planning
– Workshop and construction site drawings
– Structural design, calculations and testing
– Plant design, calculations and testing
– Technical management of the installation

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