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Building revolution

Thermal break steel and mineral wool

The state-of-the-art structure of Exedra System panels

If you are looking for a prefabricated house with a new patented eco-sustainable technology, Abitareverde is the solution for you.
At Abitareverde, we produce highly energy-efficient structural panels under the registered trademark Exedra System (exclusive registered trademark of AbitareVerde Srl).


Revolutionary technology

The Exedra System structural panels are revolutionary: thanks to the special thermal break coating in zinc and steel, which reduces thermal conductivity by about 90% and guarantees the impossibility of condensation, the insulation is highly performing.

The thickness of the thermal insulating properties can vary from 200 mm to 250 mm, the entire thickness of it is filled with insulation, such as mineral wool with different densities, greatly improving the acoustic insulating properties. It also has a strong mechanical/anti-seismic resistance protected by several layers of environmentally friendly materials.

Lightness & strength

The technology used by Abitareverde makes the load-bearing structure really light, leading to lower costs for foundations, iron and concrete.

The Exedra System panel is used as a structural element and allows for the construction of multi-storey buildings without the insertion of structural support elements. Careful assembly avoids the formation of thermal bridges, presenting a strong mechanical/anti-seismic resistance.

The quality of the Exedra System structural profile is CE certified, therefore suitable for structural works of any kind.

2 (1)-min
3750 (1)-min

Speed of construction

The construction of a house with Exedra System panels is very fast, as many of the operations are already carried out in the factory: the panels with precise measurements are placed correctly then fixed to the floor and/or ceilings, and the connection joints are screwed down tightly.

The design review stage ensures problems do not emerge during construction site execution, thus avoiding delays and second thoughts during assembly.

"Turnkey" cost

The cost has also been revolutionised: it will be possible to purchase a complete and usable “turnkey” home at a fixed price at the end of the installation phase.

The house is also provided with a complete certification system relating to every single aspect of its construction.

You will finally have the security of investment quality in a certified eco-house.

“Gross” or "Advanced gross" cost

The possibility of buying a house with a “Gross” or “Advanced gross” cost.

163 (1)-min


  • Attention to components, new materials, systems, technologies, which ensure the building a high living quality, respect and sustainability throughout the entire life cycle
  • Certified construction
  • Durable quality materials that require no maintenance
  • Hygrometric control
  • Thermal insulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Possibility to choose between different external finishes
  • Economic
  • Environmentally friendly

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